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Three Must-Have Tools to Keep in Your Car

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Some people spend a lot of time in their cars. Whether you commute to work in your vehicle every day or just keep it for the occasional road trip, you need to protect yourself and your passengers. There are certain tools that can help if a breakdown or emergency occurs. Whether you have membership with an auto club or own a newer car that is under warranty, be prepared to solve some issues by yourself in case you’re stalled on the road. Keep these items in your vehicle at all times:

Traction Mats

Three Must-Have Tools to Keep in Your Car

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Having traction mats will help you avoid spinning tires that go nowhere. This challenge can occur on ice, mud, or snow. It’s a quicker way to “unstick” your vehicle instead of waiting for help to arrive. They can be especially handy when travelling to a new area, where the terrain is unknown.

Jumper Cables

Three Must-Have Tools to Keep in Your Car

Most people have jumper cables. If you do not, please don’t make the assumption that anyone who stops to help you will have them. By having your own set of cables, you’re guaranteed to jump start the car once someone else comes along to your aid. Also, this puts you in a position to help other stranded drivers. Consider having a speed charge battery on hand, which negates the need for another vehicle to help.

Duct Tape

Three Must-Have Tools to Keep in Your Car

Duct tape has numerous purposes and can be handy if some exterior parts of your car have broken. With a little knowledge (and assurance that you can still safely drive the vehicle), you can patch those parts until you get to the repair shop. If your car is drivable, this temporary fix might enable you to get the car to a safe, well-lit place while waiting for a tow. Some areas where duct tape can be applied are: the bumper, side mirrors, and the grill.

Make sure to conduct routine maintenance to avoid roadside problems. Call Gerry’s Automotive to get professional services for air conditioning, car parts, and repairs. Contact us today at (604) 826-0519.