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Three Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

Inspect a Used Car Using Your Five Senses

Regardless of how well your car was manufactured, there may come a time where the engine needs maintenance or repair. The only consistency with car ownership is that your machine will eventually break down and need the help of automobile professionals. In most cases, signs appear that something is wrong long before an engine finally gives up and you need a new vehicle. Learn some clues your car needs expert attention before the engine blows:


Three Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

One of the most obvious problem signs is the sound of knocking. Unfortunately, once you start to hear this noise, you don’t have a lot of time to waste. The best thing to do is turn the engine off and schedule repair immediately. It’s possible you’ll require a tow truck to get you to service and prevent further damage. This is one of the last signs that your automobile’s engine will give before it stops functioning.

Lack of Power

Three Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

Engines that are no longer performing at a peak level are not going to give the same amount of power they did in younger years. You might think that your car needs a tune-up and that may be the case. However, if the tune-up doesn’t correct the problem and you can’t find any other reasons for it, it might be because the engine itself has aged and parts need replacing. If you used to be able to merge into traffic with relative ease and are now “white knuckling it,” have the health of the engine gauged before you put yourself in danger.

Running Rough

Three Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

When an engine runs rough, it is signaling something is wrong. Sometimes an engine runs rough because of fluid problems or a sensor has gone bad. At other times, it could mean there is a cracked head in the engine or a burned valve.

The good news is engine repair can save you money in the long run. Don’t wait until car problems cause you to have an accident and the insurance company totals your car because the engine is toast. Gerry’s Automotive Ltd. wants to help your vehicle run smoothly and have a long life. Please give us a ring at (604) 826-0519.