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Car Parts AbbotsfordOur Max Discount Card was designed to offer the  “Do-It-Yourself” the opportunity to buy at discounts only offered to Repair Facilities previously. With the Max Discount Card you get the Maximum discount that we offer. We guarantee that you will not pay less for equal quality parts throughout the Fraser Valley,and if by chance you see a lower price let us know and we will beat it. Guaranteed.

How do we do it?

We are a member of one of Canada’s largest buying groups – Auto Sense Auto Parts. We actually pay less for our parts than larger local competitors because of our huge national volume. In addition, our low overhead means savings for our customers. Our “lowest price guarantee” is no gimmick. If you find Car Parts lower price anywhere else of the same quality, just tell us and we will beat it.

Gerry’s Automotive Ltd. has the greatest selection at the most affordable price for all new and used Auto Parts & Car Parts in Abbotsford and Mission BC.


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