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Auto Air Conditioning Services

Auto Air Conditioning AbbotsfordIf Freon is the lifeblood of your air conditioning strategy the compressor is the heart. It pumps Freon for the duration of the AC process. The Freon contained in an auto air conditioning system is a fuel and liquid blend and is compressed and circulated all by means of the air conditioning program. The compressed Freon is pushed through the program beneath pressure and is handed by means of unique sized metal and rubber hoses and a unique valve regarded as an “expansion valve” that will lead to the gas to enhance and agreement. The enlargement and contraction of the Freon results in a quite chilly answer.

The chilly gasoline is then pushed via metal traces into the dash place of your car to the evaporator core. This evaporator main seems to be like and capabilities like a mini radiator, other than it has chilly Freon circulating within as opposed to scorching antifreeze. A modest supporter which you get the job done from the dashboard controls sits in entrance of the evaporator key and blows air through this chilly evaporator which then arrives by way of the vents and cools the taxi of your auto.

The other goal of the air conditioning approach is to obvious away the extremely very hot, humid air from inside of the cab of the car. This warmth is removed by the Freon with the support of the AC condenser positioned at the front of the auto. The Freon coming again from the evaporator carries the warmth from the taxi to the condenser. Just like your radiator, the condenser is light-body weight aluminum with fairly a couple of internal winding coils. The Freon travels by means of these coils, in involving these coils are modest slits or fins that the Freon is forced by. The condenser will have an electrical cooling lover mounted in entrance or guiding it to press or pull air by way of these fins to distinct absent the warmth from the Freon.

Gerry’s Automotive Ltd. provides Auto AC Repair & Car AC Repair service to all residents in Abbotsford and Mission BC.