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Monthly Checks that Help Save on Car Repairs

Next to your home, your car is a big investment. Your vehicle gets you to and from work and provides a sense of mobility and independence. Taking care of it properly is crucial to saving money and ensuring that it will be in working condition when you need it. Here are a few things you can check regularly to avoid additional repair costs.

Monthly Checks that Help Save on Car Repairs

Tires – Improper tire pressure can lead to several problems. Besides causing excessive wear on the tires, it can also cause alignment issues that wear out mechanical parts.

Oil – Even if your car doesn’t leak or burn oil, you need to check it often. Oil breaks down over time, and loses its ability to reduce the friction that wears out the engine. Make sure whomever changes your oil also replaces the filter with a new one.

Oil changing - Gerrys Automotive

Water – All internal combustion engines need water to keep from from overheating. The water also needs to be protected from freezing so it will circulate during wintertime. Keep your radiator full, and check the antifreeze. You can get an inexpensive tester for it at most parts stores.

Transmission – Automatic transmissions work with hydraulic fluids that can leak or wear out. There is a dipstick that shows the fluid level (just like for engine oil). Make sure the vehicle is level if checking it yourself, and refer to your owner’s manual for the correct type of fluid.

Monthly Checks that Help Save on Car Repairs

Wheel bearings – This takes a little more effort, but is still something that most people can handle. Use a jack to lift one tire at a time. When it clears the ground, grip it on either side and try to shake it. Any movement indicates worn bearings. Like bad tires, the problem can cause other parts to wear out prematurely.

Car Maintenance Is Vital in Canada

If you’re handy and enjoy doing these checks on your car, we certainly encourage that — or you can leave it to the expert mechanics at Gerry’s Automotive to handle your regular vehicle maintenance, make sure fluids are changed and/or topped up, and to keep your car in great condition. With over 35 years of experience, and a long list of satisfied customers Gerry’s Automotive is the place to call: (604) 826-0519.

  • Well, it is very that with rising gas prices and costly car repairs, the last thing one wants to worry about is having his car breakdown. So, I want to suggest some car maintenance tips which I think will help everyone to protect their investment on car and take them form source to destination as reliably as possible.
    1)Schedule the car maintenance according to user manual.
    2)Drive with economic speed.
    3)Chain the oil on a regular basis.
    4)Check different fluid level minutely.
    5)Flush the power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant in every 2 years.
    6)Monitor the thickness of the brake pad. Etc.
    So, on a final note I can say that proper maintenance not only keep us remain safe while driving on the road but also boosts the overall performance of the car as well as increases the life span of car. Thanks for sharing.