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When It’s Appropriate (and Safe) to Install Used Parts

Install Used Parts

When searching for parts to repair your car, your first instinct might be to look for new parts. However, if you are budget-conscious or need hard-to-find parts, used parts can do the job. Here are some great reasons to consider them for auto repairs, and instructions for buying


Install Used Parts


1. Save money – Buying used or refurbished parts can save you time and money, compared to buying new ones. It can be simpler to find used parts (like fuel injectors) from scrapped vehicles that still have serviceable parts. This also saves you the trouble of having to wait for parts to arrive as your mechanic may already have the parts on hand.

2. Ask questions – Before buying any used parts, it is important that you ask questions. Make sure the parts you are getting are compatible with your own car. Asking questions also allows you to confirm the parts are safe to use.


 Install Used Parts


3. Inspect the parts – In addition to asking questions, it would be wise to take a look at the parts to confirm they are in working order

4. Know which parts you need – It also helps if you have a clear idea of the parts you are looking for. If your making the repair yourself, bring the part that needs replacing to your shop or mechanic so they can help.

5. Source the parts – It can be fairly easy to find parts, particularly if there are any salvage yards or dealers nearby. If not, you can look for used parts online.


 Install Used Parts


6. Ask if the parts are returnable – Before buying, check if you can return the parts if they turn out not to be compatible with your vehicle. In many cases, they cannot be returned, but it always pays to check

7. When you need alternative parts – You may encounter difficulty finding the exact parts you need. Your car’s original parts might not be readily available, so you might have to check salvage yards to find alternatives. This can be the case with older models whose parts are no longer manufactured. Even easier — take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic who can find what you need for you.

8. Help the environment – Making new parts uses additional resources and creates more emissions. If you are environmentally-conscious, used parts are a great option.


 Install Used Parts


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