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Give Your Car a Makeover

Give Your Car a Makeover

Traffic laws exist to ensure everyone on the road can travel as safely as possible with whatever means of transportation they use. Having a fully functional vehicle that won’t fail you while in transit isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Basic maintenance and regular inspections contribute to the overall upkeep of a personal vehicle. Over time, however, these checkups may no longer be enough, and your automobile will need to undergo a “makeover” for it to continue functioning at its best.

What to Expect from a Car “Makeover”

Your car needs a makeover if your engine and electrical wiring system are no longer performing as expected. After rebuilding parts of your car from the inside, give your car a cosmetic makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Follow our checklist below for an assessment of your car’s condition:

Give Your Car a Makeover

Engine rebuild

There are three common reasons a vehicle needs an engine rebuild:

1. Loss of compression
2. Excessive oil clearance
3. excessive oil consumption. Here are some clues:

  • Your car uses more oil than normal – your engine is likely performing poorly and burning oil excessively.
  • There is sludge on the oil pin when you clean and replace oil -your engine is not functioning well.
  • Your tailpipe blows excessive smoke (call a mechanic immediately if the smoke is thick and dark).
  • Your car misfires – it may have compression loss, which can only be repaired through a rebuild.
  • When the car revs, it produces a loud sound as if someone is knocking on the engine — your car is already experiencing engine problems that must be addressed immediately.
  • Excessive gas usage -when an engine is not working well, it uses more gas to run.

Electrical wiring replacement

Your vehicle’s electrical system controls your car’s basic functions (e.g. starting the engine, opening windows, and charging your phone). If any of these functions are not performing properly, your car is due for an electrical makeover:

  • If your car won’t start, there is a higher chance it is experiencing problems with the battery, alternator, or starter.
  • The battery has corrosive stains or buildup around the terminal -signs the battery is leaking, experiencing a problem, or nearing the end of its life.
  • Dashboard lights or headlights dim when driving at low speeds – there may be a problem with the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator.
  • Brake lights don’t work (even with new bulbs) -there may be a problem in the fuse. Have a mechanic check if the fuse needs replacing.

Give Your Car a Makeover

Automotive finishing

While a fresh coat of paint makes a car look new, it (and all the protective coatings) protect the car’s value. If your car is starting to lose its aesthetic edge, pampering it with a brand new finish is something to consider:

  • The paint is faded or distressed.
  • There are visible signs of peeling or chipping.
  • Gouges or scratches – these can lead to problems like rust. There are some scratches that can be polished, but when they are too deep, getting fresh paint is the only option.

If you think your vehicle needs a makeover, Gerry’s Automotive Ltd. can guide you with our trusted experts and industry-leading engine rebuilding and car maintenance services. Give us a call today at (604) 826-0519. Visit our Abbotsford office or email us at frank@gerrysauto.com.