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Regular Car Checks Help Save on Repairs

Inspect a Used Car Using Your Five Senses

There are several aspects of your car that you can monitor monthly to keep it out of the repair shop and save money. Take a minute to check them out:


This one is a given. The lower your oil level, the more likely you are to have other complications with your vehicle. When you run your engine with low or no oil, sludge can form and be deposited in the engine, causing all of the parts that need lubrication to break down (or melt) due to increased heat and friction. Faster wear and tear means more frequent repairs.

Oil changing - Gerrys Automotive

Transmission Fluid

It’s no secret that one of the most expensive fixes for a car is the transmission. Why risk it? Keeping a constant check on your transmission fluid will keep it running smooth and slip-free longer. By taking in your vehicle for regular fluid changes, you’ll avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Tire Pressure

How to make your tires last longer and perform better

Did you know that tire pressure can influence whether you get a flat tire? By keeping an eye on tire pressure you’ll reduce wear on the tread and not have to purchase new tires as often.

Water Level

Engines require water. If your engine overheats pull off the road and turn it off. Pop the hood but DO NOT unscrew the cap to check the water level! This could be dangerous. Let your car cool down completely or call for help.


In harsh Canadian winters, the last thing you want is to run out of antifreeze. Keep a check on this fluid to ensure that the system does not freeze and crack. This can be disastrous and hit you hard in the pocketbook.

Regular Car Checks Help Save on Repairs

Regular, scheduled visits to Gerry’s Automotive guarantees all these aspects of your vehicle are examined and well-maintained. We’ll provide the right oil, transmission fluid, and tire pressure for your car. Give us a call or stop by today! (604) 826-0519