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Buyer Beware: Before You Buy That Second-Hand Car

If you are planning to buy a second-hand car, you are not alone. There are millions of used cars sold every year. With so many choices, selecting the right vehicle for your needs can be challenging. Used car dealers need to sell their stock quickly to keep their business rolling. Most dealers may try to convince buyers into making quick decisions. Buying a used car without having a professional car …Read More

Your Basic Checklist for Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance is considered to be one of the best things a car owner can do to keep the engine and other parts of the vehicle running well. This also helps save money on repairs. What is preventative maintenance? What needs to be done? We have some answers for you below. Ignoring maintenance can kill a healthy engine. Neglecting regular transmission oil changes and replacement of spark plugs, and …Read More

Summertime: How High Can the Temperature Get Inside My Car?

During the summer, we know temperatures rise in our vehicles, especially if we don’t use sun shades or place towels over seats to keep them from getting hot. Unless you make extra efforts to garage park or keep your car in the shade, there can be health consequences. Heat Kills Every year, pets and children die from heatstroke when left inside a parked car during hot summer months. Once the …Read More

Are Alternative Fuels Efficient Options for Future Vehicle Owners?

Alternative fuels are becoming a popular and economical substitute for gasoline that has been used for years. Fossil fuels cause greenhouse gases to be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, and biofuels are designed to help reduce this problem. If you get a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle, will you the same power and performance? Purchasing a hybrid vehicle requires few major lifestyle changes, but can strain the electrical grid, depending …Read More