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Reasons Your Car’s A/C Is Blowing Hot Air

Getting into a vehicle in the midst of a sweltering day, only to find out the air conditioning isn’t doing its job, is a miserable experience. Avoid this scenario by taking your car in for regular maintenance. Care for your car’s A/C and avoid high repair bills. Many parts make up an automobile’s air conditioning system; when any of these meets an early demise it can be problematic. The condenser …Read More

Things to Know about Front End Alignment

The front end of your car is a lot like hips on the human body. One area falls out of alignment and you can feel it. Getting your car aligned is just as important as keeping physically fit. If the front end is out of alignment you could be heading for disaster and not even know it. Read on to learn if your front end is out of alignment, and …Read More

Three Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

Regardless of how well your car was manufactured, there may come a time where the engine needs maintenance or repair. The only consistency with car ownership is that your machine will eventually break down and need the help of automobile professionals. In most cases, signs appear that something is wrong long before an engine finally gives up and you need a new vehicle. Learn some clues your car needs expert …Read More

Car Maintenance Is Vital in Canada

Maintaining Your Vehicle Motor vehicles have been around for over 100 years and they have certainly come a long way. Like any piece of machinery, our cars need maintenance now and then. The climate where you live can affect the type and frequency of that maintenance. Much of Canada experiences snow, ice, and rain each year. This kind of weather can damage your vehicle’s engine, suspension and tires. Regular maintenance …Read More