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Monthly Checks that Help Save on Car Repairs

Next to your home, your car is a big investment. Your vehicle gets you to and from work and provides a sense of mobility and independence. Taking care of it properly is crucial to saving money and ensuring that it will be in working condition when you need it. Here are a few things you can check regularly to avoid additional repair costs. Tires – Improper tire pressure can lead …Read More

Three Must-Have Tools to Keep in Your Car

Some people spend a lot of time in their cars. Whether you commute to work in your vehicle every day or just keep it for the occasional road trip, you need to protect yourself and your passengers. There are certain tools that can help if a breakdown or emergency occurs. Whether you have membership with an auto club or own a newer car that is under warranty, be prepared to …Read More

Regular Car Checks Help Save on Repairs

There are several aspects of your car that you can monitor monthly to keep it out of the repair shop and save money. Take a minute to check them out: Oil This one is a given. The lower your oil level, the more likely you are to have other complications with your vehicle. When you run your engine with low or no oil, sludge can form and be deposited in …Read More