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Things to Know about Front End Alignment

Bumpers Block Big Breakage; Cut Costs

The front end of your car is a lot like hips on the human body. One area falls out of alignment and you can feel it. Getting your car aligned is just as important as keeping physically fit. If the front end is out of alignment you could be heading for disaster and not even know it. Read on to learn if your front end is out of alignment, and what to do at each stage of dysfunction.

Pulling Hard to the Right or Left

When Your Auto Doesn't Work the Way It Ought To

There are many things that can make your car pull or veer to the right or left. Ball joints, sway bar links, bad tires, loose lug nuts and even bad brake rotors can cause this to happen. Have a professional look at your car whenever anything abnormal happens with your vehicle. First, make sure your vehicle can be driven safely. Before driving a car with front end problems, ask these questions:

Are the tires safe?

Winter Weather and Teen Driving

Inspect the tires and make sure there is no steel showing through the rubber. This is called separation. The belt, or rubber tread, separates from the rest of the tire, creating a deadly scenario. If your tire is separating, remove the tire and take it to your nearest shop using public transportation, another vehicle, or a tow truck. Driving on a separating tire is dangerous and could cause an accident.

Are brake rotors in good condition?

Forget the Scare and Beware

If a rotor is bad, the brakes will screech and squeal when you use them. If this is the case, replace them immediately. The good news about faulty brake rotors is, as long as the brakes are functioning properly, the vehicle is still safe to drive.

By getting a proper professional alignment by a mechanic you can keep these problems from happening. Remember to schedule a front end alignment with Gerry’s Automotive to keep your vehicle driving safely and efficiently. Contact us by calling (604) 826-0519.